“POP was an exceptional experience filled with fun, inspiration, and community.”

“I attended POP for the first time in 2020 and it allowed me to reflect on my Filipino identity, the importance of our culture, and my leadership skills in my own community amongst other young people like myself. It was the first time I was in a space where my identity and upbringing as a young Filipino-Canadian were validated in a very profound way, and I left the conference feeling inspired to make that same impact towards other like-minded Filipinos. This conference provided invaluable opportunities to learn from professionals in various ways, such as navigating their careers in white-dominated spaces, learning the importance of minority representation in Canadian society, and empowering ourselves to be leaders in our own ways. I loved having the opportunity to connect with other young Filipino-Canadians, meeting like-minded people, and gain a greater sense of community I otherwise would not have had without POP. “

— Axella, Pinoys on Parliament 2020