POP 2020 Executive Team

Meet the Pinoys on Parliament 2020 Executive Team

Lhori Webster


Hometown: Kelowna, BC
School: University of Ottawa
Favourite Filipino Food: Sinigang
Favourite Filipino word: Pamilya
What are you excited about for POP 2020?: Meeting more young Filipinos from across Canada and showing people how fun Ottawa is in the winter!

Marko de Guzman


Hometown: Montréal, QC
School: University of Ottawa
Program: MA in Public and International Affairs
Favourite Filipino Food: Tortang Talong
Favourite Tagalog word: Talaga!
What are you excited about for POP 2020? : I’m excited to see how POP expands its network and its reach. We have a lot of potential and a lot more to do. In my MA program alone, I’m the only Filipino-Canadian and it’s a master’s degree that prepares future civil servants of our country. We need our people to engage in civil/public service for our voices to be heard. We need more of us! Canada needs us. Imagine our concerns and issues are being addressed by others; this is unfortunate when we ourselves can make them known and push them to become a priority of our government! So I’m very excited for PoP 2020 and the bigger role we play for Filipino-Canadian youth engagement!

Venus Ramos

Director of Outreach

Hometown: Canada: Winnipeg; Philippines: Guagua, Pampanga
School: University Ottawa
Program: Biochemistry with a Minor in Psychology
Favourite Filipino Food: Sinigang (ONLY SOUR and never the shrimp kind)
Favourite Tagalog Word: Ingat!
What are you excited about for POP 2020?: Seeing faces from POP 2019 at POP 2020 is something that I’m really looking forward to, but I’m also very excited to meet delegates that are from cities that I’ve never been to before. Hopefully, for POP2020, we can also fill the seats in the House of Commons!

Cherlene Eloria

Director of Workshops

Hometown: Ottawa, ON
School: Carleton University
Program: Journalism and Law
Favourite Quote: “Good morning, winner.” – Booksmart (2019), directed by Olivia Wilde
What are you most excited about for POP 2020? : I’m most looking forward to the genuine connections our delegates will make with our speakers and with each other throughout the weekend. My hope is that these conversations will inspire creative action that will make a difference in their own communities and empower other youth in the process.

Sabrina Price

Director of Speakers

Hometown: Coquitlam, BC
School: University of Ottawa
Program: International Development and Globalization
Favourite Filipino Food: Ginataan
Favourite Filipino Word: Ay-nako!
What are you most excited about for POP 2020? : I am excited to meet all the participants attending the conference this year!

Julia Miraflores

Director of Communications

Hometown: Manila, Peterborough, ON
School: University of Ottawa
Program: Communications
Favourite Quote: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou
What are you most excited about for POP 2020?: I am most excited to more delegates from different parts of Canada!

Brianna MacEachern

Director of Finance

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario
School: University of Ottawa
Program: Biology
Favourite Filipino Food: Halo-Halo
Favourite Filipino Word: Mabuhay
What are you most excited about for POP 2020?: I’m looking forward to another great year seeing everyone come together to celebrate the sense of community that POP creates

Hershelle Ribo

Director of Social and Cultural Affairs

Hometown: Ottawa, ON
School: University of Ottawa
Program: Biochemistry
What is your favourite quote?: To the world you may be one person, but to one person person you may be the world
What are you most excited about POP 2020?: I’m looking forward to meet new delegates and the friends that I made from the last POP! I’m excited to network and be inspired by the speakers as well!

Grachel Carpio

Director of Mentorship and Education

Hometown: Windsor, ON
School: University of Ottawa
Program: Political Science
Favourite Filipino Food: Lechon Kawali / Kare-Kare
Favourite Filipino word: Mahal
What are you excited about for POP 2020?  For POP2020?: I’m excited to meet and connect with other Filipino youth from all over Canada. As a delegate last year, I was able to experience POP in a different lens and I’m excited to bring this personal experience into the role of Mentorship and Education! This role will also allow me to branch out of my comfort zone and reach out to the Filipino-Canadian community to become mentors for our delegates. Next, I’m excited to learn about the different avenues and experiences that Filipinos have been able to carve out for themselves in their respective fields through our panel discussions and workshops. Creating this conversation and platform is critical to ensuring that Filipino representation is highlighted and celebrated. Lastly, I’m super excited for the open mic night – last year’s rendition of ‘Payphone’ goes down as one of my favourite memories EVER!

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