Flor Marcelino and her husband Orli moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1982 and have called Manitoba home ever since. From May 2016 to September 2017 she served as Interim Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Manitoba Legislative Assembly. She also served as Minister for Culture, Heritage, and Tourism, and the Minister for Multiculturalism and Literacy; the first person from visible minority group to hold a cabinet position in the history of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly, from 2009 to April 2016.  In 2007, Flor became the first woman of colour ever elected to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly (MLA) and the first female of Philippine descent to be elected to a Canadian Legislature (Parliament). She was re-elected MLA for Logan in 2011 and in 2016. In addition to her political pursuits, Flor is also a small business owner, editor/publisher of The Philippine Times (community newspaper in Winnipeg, Manitoba) from 1996 – 2007 and worked as a support staff at Red River College from 1987 – 2006 before election to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. She was a candidate. M.A. In Communications Research at the University of the Philippines’ Institute of Mass Communications – 1979  and attended spring 1971 graduation ceremonies and received a Bachelor of Arts degree, major in English (cum laude) at Luzonian University, Lucena City, Philippines. In university Flor was named “Most Exalted Sister” by the Honor Society of the Lambda Sigma (Luzonian University) from 1969-1970.

Aside from her career, she is a mother of five adult children and grandmother to five boys aged four years to 18 months. She is a dedicated community leader and has served on the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council, and has been involved with Project Peacemakers, St. Stephen’s-Broadway Foundation, the Broadway Disciples United Church and its international affiliate, the Global Ministries Board as well as various local community organizations.

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