1. What does Bayanihan mean? 
    1. Bayanihan is the theme of POP 2021. In essence, this term means “communal unity,” which originates from the cultural tradition of community members coming together to help their neighbours move or escape natural disasters by physically carrying their homes from one place to another. Given the challenges posed by COVID-19, Filipino-Canadians are in need of a supportive community now more than ever. Bayanihan represents our national spirit: during the most difficult times, there will always be a community of people willing to uplift one another. 
    2. We invite you to watch this short video explaining the theme. 
  1. How will the virtual conference work? 
    1. POP 2021 is a virtual conference that will be held on Zoom (click here to download the app). 
    2. Screen fatigue is a very real thing! As a result, we have planned breaks between events for you to grab a bite to eat, drink water, stretch, etc. 
  1. What does the program for POP 2021 look like? 
    1. If you are a Registered Delegate, you can view the POP 2021 Conference Program

https://pinoysonparliament.com/welcome-to-pinoys-on-parliament-2021-bayanihan/. (hyperlink the registered delegate page) 

The password for this private webpage was sent to you via e-mail. 

  1. What is the Speaker Series? 
    1. The Speaker Series will be launching for the first time at POP 2021. It’s a series of lecture-style talks on different topics: Philippine Folklore, Philippine Dance, Philippine Cuisine and Philippine Education. These talks will be held nightly, from February 15 to 18, leading up to the first official day of POP 2021.
    2. The Speaker Series is free for all to attend (you don’t have to be a Registered Delegate)! For more information about the Speaker Series and how to attend, click here. 
  1. Do you have to attend every day of the conference? 
    1. In order to enjoy the experience to the fullest, we highly encourage you to attend all events for which you are registered. However, we recognize you may have prior commitments that conflict with some events of the conference, therefore, full participation is not mandatory. 
  1. Can anyone in Canada attend the conference regardless of province or territory? 
    1. Yes! POP invites all Filipino-Canadian youth across the country to participate in the conference. 
    2. In 2020, we had delegates from the territories, British Columbia, the prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic region. 
    3. Since this year’s conference will be held virtually, there is no need for travel of any sort. 
  1. Is the conference free? 
    1. Yes! The conference is free to attend. 
  1. Why are there tickets reserved for different regions in Canada?
    1. We reserved tickets for prospective delegates in different regions (BC & Territories, Prairies and Atlantic) to ensure we have participation from Filipino-Canadian youth from all over Canada!
  1. Do I have to be Filipino to attend the conference? 
    1. POP was formed as space for Filipino-Canadian youth to share experiences and empower one another. However, we welcome anyone interested in learning about the Filipino-Canadian experience to attend.
  1. Can I share the Zoom links with my friends? 
    1. Only delegates who have registered for POP 2021 have access to the necessary Zoom links. 
  1. Is there a dress code? 
    1. There is no dress code for POP2021! Feel free to wear the clothes you are comfortable in!
  1. Can I turn on my camera during the conference?
    1. We encourage you to have your camera on, to have face to face time with speakers and fellow delegates
  1. What if I want to join, but I don’t have a computer or laptop?
    1. You can join the conference events using your phone! Find the instructions here.
  1. How do I download Zoom onto my device?
    1. Insert link to download Zoom
    2. Best practice is to download app and not use the web version
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