Pinoys on Parliament 2019: Lift While You Climb

Our inaugural event in 2019 brought together 100 delegates from Québec to British Columbia.

Delegates had the opportunity to network, listen to speaker panels and participate in various workshops. Take a look at some of the highlights of 2019’s event below!


Our ice-breaker event Halo-Halo Stories, led by artist-in-residence Melanie Yugo – gave our delegates the chance to get to know each other while exploring the multi-faceted characteristics of Filpinx-Canadian identity through interpretive art work

Halo-Halo, a Filipino dessert, is translated literally to ‘mix-mix’ in English. The dessert itself is a concoction of different ingredients – jack fruit, beans, ube, corn, dessert jelly…

Much like the dessert itself, Filipinx-Canadian identity encompasses different elements and experiences.


At the end of the conference all those who participated will be invited to participate in a six month mentorship program where they will be matched with leaders in various sectors who have interests and fields of work similar to theirs. The mentorship will gather leaders and mentors from across the country, regardless of geographical distance and serve to build linkages across the country of young Filipino-Canadian leaders and those who have experience in a field or interest that they may share.

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