Adventure of Waste Transformation

Workshop description: You will learn how to make your own bioplastic and shape it into household accessories, all while engaging in conversation on the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and our everyday lives with hosts Maria and Natasha.

Maria Mariano: Maria is a sustainable maker passionate in shifting the extractive and unethical fashion production model by experimenting with new ways to make things. They begin by thinking about our biggest resource—waste—and use it to create meaningful designs that will eventually reintegrate back into our earth. Their current fashion project, Récréation Atelier, aims to transform expired skim milk into a durable textile that is fully recyclable. By going back to our roots and learning from our ancestors, becoming stewards of our home, and co-creating different possiblilities for the future, Maria believes, we can evolve our relationship to how we fashion objects towards a more intentional and sustainable way.

Natasha Thomas: Natasha Thomas has been interested in ethical practices and transparency in the clothing industry for more than ten years. Her interest in challenging ideas brought her to study innovation and user center practices hoping to bring new mindsets to the fashion industry. Working on Récréation Atelier is a new way to think about product conception. Instead of imagining what a new brand or a new look would be, she wanted to start exploring how to solve larger issues such as waste problems and only then think about what the product could become. Natasha hopes that Récréation can also become a welcoming place where people can learn and exchange.

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