Kris Albert Salumbides, was born and raised in the Philippines. He’s a middle child and the first-born son in the family.  Even at an early age, Kris already possessed entrepreneurial spirit and knew what hard work was all about.  His first stint as a sales person started at a young age selling goods in his hometown while growing up to be able to have extra money while studying.  He continued to do this even after completing his university degree.

Kris earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy in the Philippines, in 2002. He worked in a children’s hospital in Manila Philippines for two (2) years, then decided to move to Saudi Arabia at the age of 22 to gain more experience and hone his practice in Respiratory Therapy. While working in a hospital in Middle East, he was recognized as the Champion in Patient Care and Best Employee in 2005. 

Coming back home in the Philippines, he landed a job as a medical training instructor in a privately-owned training center in Metro Manila. 

He moved to Canada in 2008 and had a fair share of challenges to start his career all over again. During that time, economy was not that good in Alberta, there were limited or no jobs available at all. This somehow weakened his spirit, but it never stopped him from trying.  Kris landed to all sorts of work he can find to earn decent money.  In 2009, a great opportunity came, and he landed a job as a Respiratory Assistant in Lung Centre for the seniors.  He never stopped dreaming and never stopped trying because in his heart he believes he can be successful.  He found out later on that he can broaden his horizon and started to study about sleep while working in the sleep industry.  He became a Registered Sleep Technologist in Canada in 2012.   Kris has always been driven and motivated to become successful in his own right.  His philosophy in life “I always surround myself with the right people”, “I am open minded, willing to learn and I am the kind of person who will listen to your advices but will think what is right for me”. His hard work & dedication paved the road for him be nominated as finalist to the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants, a body which recognizes the contributions of immigrants in Canada.

As of today, Kris co-owns a medical clinic, pharmacy, medical real estate, respiratory and sleep clinic which all started in Edmonton but are now expanding across Alberta.  He also started venturing into a new company which caters RV and camping equipment rentals. Kris and his business partner’s vision is to expand their businesses across Canada and internationally in the next 2 years.

Dedication, hard work, self-trust, passion, strong sense of commitment to what you do and having a supportive family are the keys to success and Kris can attest to that!

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