Pinoys on Parliament: National Youth Leadership Conference (POP)is a national youth leadership conference for young Filipino-Canadians in Ottawa, Ontario.

In its inaugural year, POP brought together over 100 young Filipino-Canadians across Canada. Through panels of Filipino leaders in various fields and workshops, POP provided young Filipino-Canadians an environment where they could exchange perspectives on what it is like to grow up as a Filipino-Canadian and the obstacles that come with pursuing each of their careers.

Meet the Team

Meet the POP 2020 Executive Team!

Thanks to the Government of Canada and TakingITGlobal POP is free of cost to all who want to attend!

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Pinoys on Parliament 2020 Sponsors

Pinoys on Parliament would not be possible without the help of our very generous sponsors. Thank you:

Get Involved!

The Pinoys on Parliament Committee is excited to announce that our team has a variety of openings for the 2020 conference. In addition to three Directorships we are also expanding through the establishment of three new committees. If you are interested in taking on a leadership role or joining a committee to help shape the next Pinoys on Parliament make sure to apply before June 26!

Click here for descriptions of each role and committee and how to apply.


Pinoys on Parliament would not have been possible if it were not for these individuals. SALAMAT!

Amelita Armit | Eddie Villarta | Dr. Ruby Formoso De Guzman | Consul Greg Marie Concha Mariño | Aileen B. Cuya | Diyyinah Jamora | Francis Dellosa | Edmer Buen | Monina Miraflores | Brianna MacEachern | Marion Villanueva | Maya Flores-Lyons | Christopher Flores-Lyons | Joena Ramos| Sherlyn Assam | Manuel Garcia | Elsa Maiquez | Vivian Ceralde Annalyn & Liberty Popatco and Sherill Bacani | Josie and Angel Cutaran | Shiena Lyn Alcantara | Lody Ramos | Kassanda Engmann | Nadia Doucouré | Irene and Noel Gutierrez | Imelda and Rommel Paras | Ronan Noypi Mesa | Pam Tumbaga | Frank Charbonneau | Larry Almuete | Shari Ramos | Matthew Barrett | Dianne Marie Carreon-Pangan | Lota and Buddy DeMesa | Frances and Emerson Bautista | Amado Ramos | Imelda and John Amper | Victorino and Eden Ramos | Joena and Tom Jayme | Teresita Santos | Regina Sosing |

The Embassy of the Philippines | National Arts Centre

Member of Parliament, Kevin Lamoureux

Primary Sponsors:

Philippine Centre Canada


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